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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

And now, a geek respite

Of all my embarrassing habits, television is the one I am always happy to dish about. I've been too busy at work to post anything lately, but I figured I'd give my view on things awesome and terrible (and terribly awesome) heading into the final stretch of the TV season.

Former Faves I Am Quickly Losing Patience With
  • Lost: Still a good show, but the days of wondering about Dharma are completely over. I love certain characters, and play Sudoku when Jack and Kate prattle on about their tragic, stupid pasts.
  • Grey's Anatomy: So Izzie is in love with George? That doesn't even make sense, but they're going there. You know this show is in trouble when Ellen Pompeo's whine is the least of my grievances.
  • Veronica Mars: I enjoy watching, but I'm not "OH MY GOD!!!" riveted like I used to be. Still cleverly written, but someone in the writers' room needs to cut some of the 20.5 references to Battlestar Galactica each week. The LoVe plot tortures me, and they've done their best to make Veronica very unlikeable. If this gets cancelled, I'll be sad; but my DVR will thank me.
  • 24: The show is furiously recycling plots with all the fervor of Ed Begley, Jr. at an electric car rally. Which wouldn't be so bad, if they were choosing interesting plots. Give me Jack, kicking ass and taking names for future ass kickings. He's just not present enough this year, and they need him. Hell, he made the Rain Man subplot work!

Top Of The Heap
  • Heroes: The best show on the air right now, without a doubt. I know I'll be thrilled, challenged, and made to laugh and/or cry each episode. The answers are revealed steadily, the performances are top notch, and I dig all of the characters with the sole exception of the stripper/murderer. Invisible man guy is the best!
  • Supernatural: I know, it's a show about pretty, pretty boys ghostbusting. But the people behind it have worked on The X-Files and Angel, and they know what they are doing. The dialogue is well written, the music kicks ass, laughs and scares alike abound, and the ongoing "mythology" plot isn't boring. Several episodes this year have had me in tears because of the great performances of those pretty, pretty boys.
  • The Amazing Race: The last few legs have been poorly designed, but this show is still the best reality venture out there. I'm riveted each week, rooting for my favorites.
  • South Park: Disgusting? Yes. Wrong? Yes. Hilarious? Hell yeah.
  • House: My, that's one cranky doctor. I'd love to get away with mouthing off the way he does.
  • The Office: Funny as sin. And very uncomfortable.
  • How I Met Your Mother: One of the few sitcoms that's well-written, enjoyable, and full of life.
Queso Queso Queso
  • Jericho: I sort of speed-watch this to see where they are going with the whole country blowing up thing. The plots are serviceable, yet ridiculous. Gerald McCraney is fairly awesome entering the Wilford Brimley phase of his career. And the mysteries are moving along well enough. (Thank you, Lost, for teaching the industry a valuable lesson.)
  • CSI: Miami: The writing is terrible, the acting is over the top, and all of the action occurs in the space of one day. But I love it. And in HD, it is without question the most beautiful show on television with all those crazy orange and green and blue hues of Miami. Rock on, Caruso. You are the Pied Piper of Hammy Forensic Puns. Frank?
  • Bones: I would never say that this is a fantastic show, but it's a lot of fun. Angel and Bones have a lot of chemistry, and the supporting cast crackles.
  • Dancing With The Stars: I am only watching the segments involving Joey Fatone (the fat one from NSYNC) and Steve Sanders (aka Ian Ziering) while waiting for 24 to start. This week, Joey actually danced to the Star Wars Theme and Steve was fantastic in appropriately tight pants, harkening back to his 90210 salad days. I wish I could just tape that 10 minutes of glory each week. BTW, once Steve Sanders is out, I'm out too.



  • Heroes: I don't like the stripper/murderer either. But Hiro makes up for all that. I adore him. The fact that Masi Oka *still* works as a CGI artist at Industrial Light & Magic ups his "adorable geek" quotient mightily. :)

    Can't wait for the show to return.

    And you made me laugh with the Sudoko comment. I still love LOST, but I feel the same way about Kate & Jack backstory stuff. A friend (who shall remain nameless) used to write for LOST. He told me once, "If I'm still writing Kate and Jack in three years, someone please kill me." Heh heh heh.

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