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Monday, October 09, 2006

Now, it's a left at Cuba, then a right after three lights...

Mapquest, in its infinite helpfulness, provided the above image as my overall map route for a trip later today. Mind you, I am just trying to figure out how to get to a happy hour roughly 10 miles away. At least I know for sure I don't need a passport to enjoy my Monday Margarita. What a relief!


  • A couple of years ago, I asked Mapquest to sort out a route from San Francisco to some small winery an hour to the south. I needed to give it to a bus driver who was taking a delegation there for me. Mapquest offered me a unique routing: all the way around the planet. I have no idea what went nuts with their programming, but my driver was expected to take them on a Pacific route, through Siberia, eventually wending into Western Europe, before toddling along the bottom of the Atlantic to NY and back to Cali.

    Loved it. I had it up on my wall for ages. Mapquest asked me to send them a copy. I bet it was up on a few walls there, too...

    By Blogger Merujo, at 10:16 AM  

  • That's awesome! I always wondered what it would tell me to do if I asked about driving to Hawaii. It's not mapping anything for that

    By Blogger kristen, at 9:25 AM  

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