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Monday, December 04, 2006

The Blessed Event - Update the First

I have been planning my wedding since late summer, and this weekend came the scariest step of all. No, it wasn't choosing the location. Or settling on the caterer. Both of those came to us fairly easily, and we couldn't be happier. It was, alas, the dress.

I selected a lovely dress, which I know will ultimately look great. But now comes the toughest part for a neurotic looney bird like me. You see, when you buy the dress, you're actually just buying a piece of paper with your measurements on it. Six months later, they call you and tell you that the dress is ready. And all you can do is pray that what shows up is what you ordered.

Half a year of second guessing. Six months of seeing other wedding dresses and wondering if I should have gone in a different direction. 26 weeks of using my OCD powers to worry that I misplaced the receipt and will not be allowed to claim it should it be delivered error-free. 182.5 days of potential doubt.

I vacillate between joy and terror on the subject. Jazzed by the dress, the deal, the way I looked. Afraid that I pulled the trigger a little too early. Thank god I have people around me to talk me down in times of doubt like these. Of course, they'll probably be burned out on this topic by February, but that's another post altogether.


  • Second guess all you want. You looked great lady! I'm here to manage your OCD at will. Believe me, you earned it after putting up with my pre-wedding craziness!

    By Blogger Cala, at 6:24 PM  

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