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Friday, September 08, 2006

I Turn My Camera On (some more)

Here's another entry in my casual and poorly photographed cell phone travel series. Driving through the suburbs, I caught sight of this curiously named ambulance company's van. This inspired many troubling questions as we sat together at the light and I tried to work out possible ProLife Ambulance taglines.

  • ProLife Ambulance: Jeopardizing female reproductive rights since 1992.

  • Tired of EMTs accidentally giving you abortions? Call ProLife today!

  • "When the Lord strikes me down for preaching a gospel of hatred, I know ProLife's team will have my back." - Pat Robertson

  • ProLife Ambulance: 'Cause Anti-Death sounds morbid.

  • When you absolutely, positively have to survive the ride to the hospital.

  • ProLife Ambulance: Saving the Delaware Valley from Contraception for over 15 Years

  • Free to be: Anti-choice (my apologies to the CW)

  • ProLife: We'll try really hard not to kill you.

Maybe I can get a freelance consulting gig out of this. Do you have any other slogan ideas?
If we get a decent one put together, the jingle will come quite easily. After all, I can always model on that insipid W.B. Mason office supply commercial.


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