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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Alas, Poor Pluto! I Knew Him, Horatio (Caine)

This just in - Pluto has been demoted! It's no longer a planet! And for some reason, it makes me sad. I watched a special on one of those science channels on digicable not two weeks ago which discussed this possibility. At the time I laughed so heartily at the Pluto supporters and thought they were wasting their time. After all, shouldn't they get militant about something more pressing like global warming?

But now, a sense of loss has poured over me, as I think of how this destroys my favorite mneumonic device. Sing it with me if you know the words: "My Very Educated Mother, Just Served Us Nine Pizza-Pies." I finally get why those wacky scientists were upset. Now the tune is much sadder. My Very Educated Mother, Just Served Us NOTHING! How depressing is that?

Title Note: Of course I would report this to David Caruso's magnificent CSI: Miami crime scene investigator. Only a sensitive fake cop like Horatio Caine could understand my anguish at a time like this, and appropriately rip off his shades and put his hands on his hips in his signature "sympathetically outraged" response.


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