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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Waiting for Tim Gunn's Call

Yesterday I completed an emergency fashion assignment at work with such speed and self-assured style that I am now convinced that I belong on Project Runway. My intern came into work with formal shorts, which may have been all the rage a few months ago with celebrities, but are still banned by our corporate dress policy. Faced with the possibility of sending her all the way home to change on a day when I needed her help badly, innovation came calling. I went down to my car, got the pashmina shawl my boss gave me two years ago as a gift out of the trunk of my car (where it has rested for every moment of those two years), grabbed a few paperclips in the mailroom and got to work. Before you could say "voila," I had whipped up an adorable little wrap skirt. My intern was embarrassed at first, but she started getting compliments from people who had no idea it was "homemade" and told her how cute it was.

So I guess I will be getting my application together for Project Runway's fourth season. As long as it has a theme of "improvised fashion using commonplace office supplies," I should be golden.


  • LOL! I'm so putting this on my weekly roundup now. Hilarious improv!

    By Blogger Howard, at 10:47 AM  

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