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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Like a rollerskating dream to me

I know I've been remiss (again) updating this thing, but I had to share something I'm excited about:


How awesomely terrible is that!?! The ultimate Olivia Newton-John ancient Greek mythology-flavored, Gene Kelly career-tarnishing, Guy from The Warriors degrading, rollerskating saga will be recreated in glorious Broadway Quesovision(tm) starting July 10th. The production had been pushed back due to some serious skating injuries incurred by the cast, but now the wheels are set to roll in the coming weeks. As my friends know (and would probably like to forget), I will watch anything with dancing or skating in it, so this will really hit the spot.

When I heard about the musical being made many moons ago, I was excited about it. Now I am closer than ever to experiencing the wonder of bad Hollywood movie making re-imagined as poorly executed stagecraft. I know only one or two people on the planet who would ever want to see the wrongness with me, but I've got to say I'm pretty jazzed. It should be atrociously bad, but in the best way possible - that's the only way to honor the spirit of the original film. I don't know how exactly they will outline the cast in neon light as they skate around, but I'm hoping the technical gurus have been working overtime on the details.


  • Did you read the review in the Inquirer (yesterday?) -- it seemed very positive (although admittedly I just skimmed it.)

    Oh, great. Now the song's stuck in my head. Again. (Can't fight the Xanadu...!)

    By Blogger Cyn, at 5:20 AM  

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