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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Ping Pong Diplomacy

Someone sent me a link to this brilliant piece of sports propaganda. Rapping in support of your team is a time honored tradition in this country. And now I see the trend has gone global. The Chinese National Table Tennis Team has done themselves, their sport, and Mao himself proud. This is much better than the Chicago Bears' Super Bowl Shuffle fiasco, and very catchy.

At the tender age of 11, I myself was the chief architect of a sports rap composed in support of my champion bowling team. We were the Rocking Pins of the Bowlero Bippies Youth league. Located across the street from Rollero, the Phoenix roller skating mecca that defined my youth, the league could not possibly have any other name. Anyway, when INXS ruled the earth my sister and I had a standing date with our teammates each Saturday. We came to dominate the league, and to celebrate our success and further intimidate future opponents, I wrote a rap. (Altogether now: of course you did.) Here is the little bit I can still remember, and I've probably mucked that up all the same. Just recite it to the stereotypical beat all lame mid-80s rap attempts are set to.

We are the Rockin' Pins
And we are here to say
Just step aside and watch us work
We'll beat your sucka team on any day

...blah, blah, blocked out from mind, blah...

We're rackin' up the toughest wins
With Jen, Mike, Dani, and Kris
Go on roll it out, I dare ya kids
We'll pick up the pins that your team will miss

Well, that's my embarrassing personal anecdote for the year. You're welcome.


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