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Saturday, July 07, 2007

All this outrage is exhausting

When I heard about Scooter Libby's commutation, handed out by the pathetic Bush administration on the Monday before July 4th (wonder why?), I wasn't surprised. I was disgusted, of course, but not surprised. After all, he and his cronies have gotten away with so much, why wouldn't he just keep pushing the envelope? No one has stopped him yet.

Over the past few days though, I've been thinking about it more and getting angrier. If you were this bad at your job, you'd get fired. Where the hell is the organized outrage over this? Why hasn't Congress moved against him? If so many of the people I know are so angry (Bush voters among them), how can this prevail? Don't we live in America? Isn't the whole reason we exist because of our collective intolerance for tyrants? When will this country snap out of it and demand its rights? I'm fired up, and November of 2008 is an awful long time to wait to express it. I'll keep writing my Senators as if they were useful, but their "thank you for writing" replies won't make me feel any better.

Someone sent me this video clip, and it articulates our Prez's loserdom effectively. Below, Keith Olbermann freaks the hell out and tells Bush to resign. It's a pretty good rant. Too bad he's addressing such a self-entitled moron.


  • Oh. My. God.

    If I wasn't a happily married woman, I'd be proclaiming my love for Keith Olbermann right about now.

    I don't even think that qualifies as a rant, because everything he says is 100% logical, rational argument.

    But of course, Bush won't resign. As you said -- his own sense of entitlement wouldn't allow for that.

    By Blogger Cyn, at 9:52 AM  

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