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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Links I Think You'll Appreciate

I've been remiss in sharing some links with you.

  • The Fug Girls rock my world on a daily basis. Their recent additions to the Crazy Tom Cruise Canon in particular have me laughing.
  • More news on The CW, and how Les Moonves will have his way with it - further underserving viewers. (Sniff)
  • Fametracker has Kiefer's number. Seriously, why would I pay money to see a glorified episode of 24 co-starring Grandma Michael Douglas and Eva Longoria? I love the Velvet Bedroom Whisper, but not enough to brave Longoria's attempt at law enforcement.
  • Ana-Lucia really is hardcore!
  • Apparently it's "hip" to be pregnant. Babies are a little harder to put off to the side than, say an ambitious knitting project, when the craze has calmed down.
  • It's a little early for Suri Cruise's Fame Audit, but that shouldn't stop you from checking it out.


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