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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Is it wrong that after all this time it still makes me squeal?

Here is the latest installment of my Wednesday Notable TV Show Credits of The Past series (yes, it's a series now). A little known fact about me is that when I was in college, around 1995/96, I actually had a section of my personal website devoted to this show. I had an audio file of the theme song, some random facts, a lot of overheated hyperbole about the show's quality, some completely justified passages on the amazing and scorchingly soulful beauty of Johnny Depp, and a picture of the show's producer, Stephen J. Cannell having dinner with his wife (don't ask). If you think that's scary, let me acquit myself by pointing out that there are people on youtube currently churning out thematic "music videos" about this show in the year 2006.

Now I present to you the greatest hot undercover cops posing as high school students drama ever produced: 21 Jump Street. Sing your little heart out, Holly Robinson!


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