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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

David Silver: Pop and Lock Pioneer

It's Wednesday, and that means another TV show opening. Beverly Hills, 90210 is an all-around classic. It perfectly captured the zeitgeist of that perfect moment in history where enjoying the musical stylings of Color Me Badd was socially acceptable and wearing neon day-glo t-shirts with rolled up sleeves was the norm. Ah, such fond memories of high school.

This clip is from the golden age when Brenda was still on the show. I think that Brian Austin Green must have been one of the first actors anywhere to attempt popping and locking through his credit sequence vignette. And he does it so embarrassingly too. You've got to admire that. As well as Steve Sanders/Ian Ziering's bold, yet ridiculous tight pants/fro-mullet combination. I wish I was at home right now learning a valuable lesson from the geriatric gang at West Beverly.


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