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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Right Now

What's going on in New Orleans and Mississippi right now defies explanation. I can't believe the images we are seeing, the heartbreaking loss of life, the failures of civic planning and engineering, the complete breakdown of civilization, and the centuries-old city vanishing beneath a wall of water.

Big business will use this opportunity to line their pockets with more gas money to keep their outrageous profit margins intact, without giving anything back to the recovery efforts. Overnight my gas station raised their prices 35 cents, and not a penny of that will be heading down south. It will enrich Bush and his cronies, who may have even had a hand in things going from bad to worse to catastrophic. This makes me sick.

What can we do about it? Conserve what we can. And give all that we can afford to the recovery effort. To make an easy online donation, visit the American Red Cross website here: It might take some time to load (which is great, because it means people are giving in droves!), but stick it out. They need our help so badly, and it's the least we can do.


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