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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

What part of "Christian" has he forgotten?

Just when you think the Christian Right can't get any crazier or less Christian in their ideals, here comes Pat Robertson calling for the head of the president of Venezuela. If I recall decades of Catholic indoctrination properly, murder is wrong. When coupled with his pleas to a greater power to provide openings on the Supreme Court, it seems that this supposed man of faith is praying an awful lot for the death of others.

He doesn't believe in God, he's succumbed to the crazy power game. If he did really believe, he would be ashamed of the things he's asking for. He would also do a bunch of penance in a hurry. Robertson's pretty old, and his own judgement, at the hands of the God he improperly invokes in the name of hatred and murder, is probably not too far off. You're not God Pat. And if God is the being described in the Bible you like tossing around, he/she won't be too pleased with you when the years of preaching hatred catch up with your shriveled heart. Stop giving faith a bad name. Try reading the actual Bible before opening your mouth next time. After all, Jesus isn't a hit man.


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