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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Praise the Lord (of the CW)

The CW announced that they are renewing Supernatural and One Tree Hill. And Gossip Girl too, which I haven't had the chance to experience, but I am told is delicious. I'm very excited by this development.

I've written about my love for Supernatural before. The premise is simple: pretty, pretty boys driving, crackin' jokes, and kicking ghost and demon ass across our fine country. This is a pleasure that I simply do not feel guilty enjoying. Ackles and Padelecki give good performances, the stories are actually scary, the classic rock soundtrack is great, and it's shot very artistically. I like the mythology they are building, which is something original (a rarity these days, I know). And it provides a welcome escape. It's nice to be able to slip into a world where your atrocious job can be put into perspective. After all, you're not dealing with crazy phenomena.

One Tree Hill is one of those secret favorites of mine. The show is so ridiculous, it reminds me of the kind of story that I would've come up with in the 8th grade. 16-year-olds get married. People have babies at a graduation ceremony, take the baby home and lose all their by weight in time for a party a few hours later. The little town of Tree Hill is an international hub for commerce and entertainment. K-Fed is a credible guest star. This show is the nighttime equivalent of Passions. All the girls have really cute, shiny hair. Haley is a sweetheart, Brooke kicks ass, the basketball boys are cool, and there's plenty going on to be able to completely ignore the Peyton-Lucas will they or won't they conversation of the week.

So thank you CW. You are keeping me well-stocked in the escapist fare I thrive on.


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