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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hometown Pride, Super Bowl Edition

I always confuse Northeasterners when I reveal that I grew up in Phoenix. Why would anyone leave Phoenix for a place like Philadelphia? Well, I had plenty of reasons. Multiple seasons being one of them (although thanks to the enemies of Al Gore and Mother Earth, that's not really true anymore). This has been my home since I left home at 17 for the excitement of college.

My actual hometown is the suburb of Glendale. Used to be that the most exciting thing about Glendale was the annual Glendale Glitters light show in downtown. The Glitter came from draping millions of lights over the city's municipal office building, so Rockefeller Center was never in any danger of losing status. Over the past year though, Glendale has been getting good press.

First came cute Jordin Sparks, the adorable and talented American Idol winner from last season. Sure, Melinda Doolittle was probably better. But Jordin was from Glendale! She rocked out at Arrowhead Center, considered Cold Stone Creamery and Panda Express indie food joints, and had a sunny disposition, just like the rest of us poor saps. What's more American Idol than that?

And now on Sunday, America once again turns its eyes to the place where I grew up. The Super Bowl will be played at the gigantic UFO thingy in the middle of a big desert lot we call a stadium. Univ. of Phoenix Stadium is a fantastic place - I've even taken the tour. So even though I don't know who to support (probably the Patriots because I consider Eli Manning to be a total douche; then again Bill Belichick drives me insane with those cut-off sleeves), I'll be pleased that my hometown is in the glorious national spotlight it kinda deserves.

Plus, nachos!


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