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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Sausage Links

Okay, so this post has little to do with Jimmie Dean. Here are some links I've been enjoying this week.

  • The Hoff cries on TV!

  • Check out Manolo's coverage of the recent Eurovision Song Contest. Awesome, frightening, and totally GWAR. I can't believe we aren't able to watch this over here. NBC could use the hit.

  • Weathermen do have a lot of apropos names. This list doesn't even include our local Glen "Hurricane" Schwartz or Amy Freeze.

  • If you have gone out to see The Rat's version of X-Men, you might want to check out Fametracker's insider info on X-Men 4: Mutants of Last Resort.

  • There's a new idea: boost Superman's opening weekend take by lengthening the weekend to 7 FULL DAYS. At least this way maybe Warner can earn its way around their recent Poseidon disaster.

  • Be careful out there: Michelle Rodriguez is on the loose again.


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