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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Reason #4,632 To Consider Canada

Bush is up in the polls? How can my fellow Americans still believe in this guy? Even ultra-conservatives are hilariously angry at him for being anti-Christmas (which is really the lamest charge you can lay at his feet). And now with his special, Constitution-ignoring, Congress-hatin' domestic spying initiative, he should have few allies left. Please, will someone important enough to be heard take this man to task for violating not only the law, but the privacy of the people? He ran both times with several planks of his platform calling for people to control their own lives (except for women, who of course can't be trusted with their own bodies). There comes a point when I have to question the sanity of anyone who can remain loyal to someone who has so compromised our country and violated our trust. Why am I not hearing any talk of impeachment?

I challenge neocons and Republicans and conservatives of all stripes who still support this guy to try to take a moment, and imagine how they would feel if Bill Clinton had done the same things. Whatever your political leanings, this man and his administration have lied to the public repeatedly. They have put our friends and family in harm's way at home and abroad. They have worked steadily on only one domestic issue: to consolidate the already considerable wealth and influence of their cronies. They do not want to participate in any form of intelligent debate (even with their Republican brethren), and if you dare to have a different opinion or ask questions, they will run you out of the party. They have shown a criminal disregard for the will of the public and the letter of the law. They have politicized family disputes to draw attention away from their horribly miscalculated war. They have demonstrated more interest in smear campaigns and political power grabs than actual public policy discourse. They have done real, calculable damage to this country, and we still have three years of this left.

I predict in a few years, once historians and reporters and citizens finally get to figure out what he's been up to, Dubya will make Nixon look like a misunderstood saint. What we're getting a whiff of now, is only the tip of the iceberg.


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