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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Strange Things Are Afoot On MSN

What's this? A non-Olsen Twin-related Full House fandom resurgence on the Internet? Maybe Jodie Sweetin, who played the tragically annoying character Stephanie Tanner on the sitcom, is readying herself for a comeback. She's 23, so she could probably try for a guest shot on The OC. You know how they love introducing ridiculous tertiary characters that no one in the audience gives a rat's ass about. However, with Smallville and Veronica Mars both casting ABC sitcom buddy Jonathan Taylor Thomas (of Home Improvement "fame") recently, she might want to send headshots over there. She could play some sort of meteor shower mutant out to hurt that Lana Lang person like, oh, every Smallville guest star. Or maybe visit Veronica Mars as an 09er college kid having a torrid affair with Steve Guttenberg. The possibilities are endless!


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